Long Term Medicaid Planning for a Flat Fee.

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HV Medicaid Consulting, LLC is THE go-to -source for Medicaid planning and asset protection.

HV Medicaid Consulting, LLC stands as your trusted partner in customizing Medicaid plans for Community or Institutional, addressing your long-term care needs. With 30+ years of Medicaid expertise, we safeguard your hard-earned assets, ensuring you and your loved ones rightfully receive top-tier service. We guide you throughout, aiming to make the process as stress-free as possible. 

We strive to go the extra mile! You and your loved ones deserve nothing less.

Expert Medicaid Planning

Our main objective is aiding in crafting an effective plan for Medicaid benefits rightfully deserved by your loved one. 

Community (Homecare) Medicaid 

Our aim is to help your loved ones receive best medical care they deserve while living safely in their own home.

We assist you with setting up home health care services in your home.

Institutional (Nursing Homecare)

We're dedicated to supporting you in delivering unparalleled care when your loved one needs continuous attention in a long-term care facility.

Income/Asset Protection

You've poured heart and soul into crafting the life you cherish. Let us stand by you to safeguard and preserve what you've built. 

A Pooled Income Trust protects your hard-earned income when it exceeds the Medicaid limits.

Get the Support You Deserve!

With over 30 years of experience, HV Medicaid Consulting LLC helps you navigates the intricate Medicaid eligibility rules expertly. 

With a dedicated focus on personalized solutions for Community or Institutional Medicaid needs, we safeguard your hard-earned assets and income. 

Our tailored Medicaid Plans prioritize your family’s needs, ensuring essential benefits and meticulous asset protection in this complex process.